In the spotlight of the well-being era, lululemon’s Global Wellbeing Report reveals a disheartening reality: global well-being remains elusive.

Surveying 14,000 participants across 14 countries, this comprehensive report uncovers the challenges faced in the pursuit of physical, mental, and social health.


Current Landscape:

A Desired Priority, Yet Unattained: While 67% prioritize well-being and 77% take personal responsibility for it, only 12% feel they’ve reached their well-being goals. Alarmingly, 44% doubt if overall well-being is achievable.

Stagnation Persists: Despite three years of data, global well-being scores show little change. Individually, 34% feel their well-being has declined over time.


The Wellness Challenge:

The quest for well-being has become overwhelming, with barriers like time constraints, cost concerns, and societal stigma.

Notably, despite feeling societal pressures, most believe that institutions aren’t doing enough to support well-being.

Openly expressing emotions is deemed crucial by 62% for mental well-being. Yet, many suppress emotions, particularly men.

As therapy waitlists grow, motivation wanes, emphasizing the need for meaningful, offline connections.


The Power of Community and Movement:

Social fitness, a blend of belonging and physical activity, counters hopelessness.

Sixty-five percent find movement improves mental health. Communities are the go-to for exercise, with 50% working out more with others post-pandemic.


Challenges Remain:

For nearly 60% of individuals, low well-being translates into an inability to live life to the fullest or be the best version of themselves.

These challenges are amplified for individuals with disabilities, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, who face greater hurdles while striving for well-being in an environment where accessibility remains limited.


The Bottom Line:

The pursuit of well-being is personal and challenging.

By acknowledging and addressing the internal battles and barriers that individuals face, we can collectively work towards a world where well-being is not just a pursuit but a tangible reality for all.

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