Do you wish you could have a flatter stomach? The truth is, we all do! Achieving the look of a toned stomach isn’t the easiest, but it is possible.  

Waist trainers and high-intensity exercise programs claim to give you a “6 pack” and a flatter stomach. They show you pictures of fit models and tell you how easy it is.

The truth is, there’s no such thing as a quick fix.  

First off, high-intensity programs aren’t for everyone and can leave you exhausted or injured. And waist trainers, let’s be honest, are a gimmick.

Targeting the right muscles is the key to toning the stomach.  

what muscles should i target?

Your core consists of different abdominal muscles which surround and protect the stomach. These are the muscles to focus on to tone the “stomach” area.

By strengthening these muscles you’ll tone your stomach and help protect your spine, too.  

There are five main muscles in the abdomen. It’s important to strengthen all of them for a strong core and toned stomach.   

Your workouts shouldn’t leave you exhausted, sore, or injured. There are many low impact exercises you can do to tone the stomach.

To start off effectively, consider giving special attention to isometric exercises.

Isometric exercises are moves that involve tension without bending or moving joints. They engage the abdominal muscles by essentially having other parts of the body do the work.  

For example, a forearm plank engages your core, while your legs and upper body stabilize without movement.   

There are variations of planks that will target different abdominal muscles. To work the obliques, move to a side plank. If you’re up for a challenge, you can do a straight-arm plank with shoulder taps. 

Overall, strengthening all the abdominal muscles will create a toned stomach area.  

What’s great about these isometric exercises is that they don’t require any equipment. You can do them at home or on the go and easily add them to your exercise routine. Hold each plank for 10 seconds and gradually work up to 30, 45, or 60 seconds. 

In short, engaging in isometric exercises for strong abdominals will help tone the stomach. They will also support the core and spine. Look good and feel good? Sounds like a win-win!  


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