Are Exercise Bikes Good for Losing Weight?

by | Sep 22

Think you need an expensive exercise bike for losing weight?  

You’ve probably seen commercials for overpriced exercise bikes. While these products can help you, there are better ways to lose weight and build muscle for a lot less money.  

Cardio-based exercise can help you lose weight, but won’t build overall strength or improve bone health.

Building and maintaining muscle and bone strength is important as we age, as women can lose up to 20% of bone density within five to sevent years after menopause.

Following a resistance-based exercise program will help keep your bones strong and muscles lean.   

A recent study found that strength training is a better option for adults to lose weight and still preserve muscle. (1)

Building Muscle & Losing Weight

Strength training builds muscle, which burn more calories than fat. 

Building lean muscle with free weights and resistance bands speeds up your metabolism. With a regular strength training program, you’ll keep burning even when you stop exercising.  

Lifting free weights and using resistance bands are also great ways to build bone mass. You don’t need to use heavy weight, either. If you don’t have dumbbells, using your bodyweight or household items, like soup cans, works fine.  

Strength training workouts shouldn’t leave you tired and sore.

Start with no or low weight and increase gradually.

A walking lunge is a great exercise to start with no weights. Once comfortable, add a curl with light weight. Begin with ten reps and work up to 15 once you get stronger.  

Using resistance bands is an affordable, convenient, and lightweight option to work all your major muscles. Pack them in your bag for on-the-go benefits. You can incorporate resistance bands into many bodyweight exercises, like a squat. 

Low-impact strength training means big results for losing weight, increasing muscle, and building strong bones. Your joints will also thank you! 



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