Keep Your Business Moving

Indi provides an interactive and scalable wellness platform to help you improve the health and engagement of your employees — and your bottom line.

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find savings beyond being self-insured

Employees are aging, and costs are rising.  Moving to self-insured is the first step to reducing health-related expenses, but it’s not the last.  Find more savings by creating a culture that values wellness, exercise, and health.

A single platform to Keep your team moving


Leverage Physical Therapist-designed programs that emphasize safety, while building culture around health and wellness.

data & analytics

Drive ROI and reduce healthcare costs with real-time employee analytics measuring activity levels, goals, and mental health.

Create a culture of wellness

Make it easy for your team to improve their health

With live and on-demand programming, our platform removes access barriers, eases time constraints, and makes it easy for your team to stay active and healthy.

Algined to your goals

Customized to Your Organization

Each business has distinct needs. Our platform offers wellness routines and guidance to match your operational objectives, company culture, and employee preferences.

Measurable impact

Analytics and insights

Better understand the physical and mental health of your workforce, while tailoring programs and events to reduce healthcare costs,  support your team, and build a culture of wellness.

“STG Logistics is thrilled to partner with indi to get our folks moving! The quick, low-impact workouts are the perfect fit for our organization that’s always on the go! Our employees are loving the company-wide challenges and having fun!”

Tracey Miller
Sr. Director, Total Rewards

Well(ness), That Works

Indi provides 24/7 on-demand access to safe, low-impact, and Physical Therapist-designed programs that keep your workforce moving.

Getting started is easy. With turnkey implementation, you can launch and sustain a wellness program that your employees will enjoy.

You get a healthier workforce – and bottom line.

Hassle-free onboarding

You provide us an employee list and we’ll handle the rest — so you can focus on running your business.

Turnkey Engagement

Indi supports you after rollout with year-long wellness initiatives.  Get your employees engaged and moving with ongoing campaigns and challenges.

24/7 On-Demand Access

Generic lunchtime webinars don’t work. Indi provides employees the convenience to access everything they need from home, the office, or while on the road.


Easily add, update, or remove team members from our super user dashboard.  

Employers Capitalize On:

Hassle-free launch and implementation so you can focus on your business

Turnkey marketing to maximize adoption and boost employee engagement

Ongoing education & webinars to keep employees motivated

Monthly reporting to monitor employee mental & physical wellness

Admin dashboard for streamlined team management

Monthly check-ins for year-round support

App & web-based programming to remove access barriers

Employees Capitalize On:

Physical Therapist-designed programming for safety & proper mechanics

24/7 on-demand access to exercise at any time and place

Workouts lasting 30 minutes or less to accommodate busy schedules

Progress tracking and challenges to foster healthy habits and engagement

Focused exercise programs for injury prevention and recovery

Monthly newsletters to stay educated & empowered

Wellness, it’s a Lifestyle

Creating a culture of wellness doesn’t happen overnight. Indi offers continued support and engagement campaigns that keep your team moving all year.

Big Gains Without the Lift

Getting started with indi is simple. You provide your employee list, and we’ll do the rest. Our 30-day hassle-free onboarding gets your team set up, engaged, and moving!

Fit in Fitness

Between work and family, it can be overwhelming for employees to care for themselves. Indi makes it easier with 24/7 access and sessions that are less than 30 minutes.

Healthy Employees, Healthy Savings

Indi is a healthy solution for rising medical costs. Designed by Physical Therapists, we provide safe and effective solutions for all fitness levels.

Ready to get moving?

Learn how indi can help your organization build a culture of wellness and reduce health-related costs.