burn the most calories

Safe, Personalized, and Scalable

Get a scalable wellness solution that adapts to your company’s needs, while providing programs to keep employees healthy and active.

How it Works

Create Account

Onboarding and managing your team is easy.  Employees gain full access and can add a +1 to their account for free. 

Complete Survey

A short intake reveals the current habits, goals, and lifestyle for employees.

Targeted training

Employees get AI drivent experiences and programs to boost engagement and activity.

24/7 Access

Employees can access the indi app anytime, anywhere—at work, home, or on the road. It’s available from any device, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Physical therapist-designed

Indi is the only Physical Therapist-designed wellness solution that provides your team with the ability to exercise safely.



With a growing library or programs, training, and challenges, employees get personalized recommendations that keep them engaged, moving, and injury-free.



Onboarding and managing your team is simple.  Elect a super user to add, edit, and remove team members easily from your own dashboard.

Drive employee health and


 Enjoy an expanding library of workouts and challenges that keep your employees moving.  Plus, you can target areas that drive key areas that drive most costs around musculoskeletal injury.

indi bird dog exercise


Injury Prevention
Average 26 minutes
24 workouts

burn the most calories


Injury Prevention
Average 24 minutes
24 workouts


Strength Training
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Average 24 minutes
72 workouts

hamstring stretch


Mobility Training
Average 26 minutes
24 workouts

indi ace


Golf Training
Beginner, Intermediate
Average 5 minutes
30 workouts

hamstring stretch


Strength Training
Moderate, Advanced
Average 18 minutes

Ongoing Challenges for Motivation

Keep employees engaged and working towards better health with ongoing monthly, quarterly, and annual challenges.

  Strength Challenges

  Flexibility Challenges

  Active Minutes Challenges

  Step Challenge (coming soon)


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